Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sadatan inaugurates Iraya’s new factory in Nagpur Sets up state of the art facility in Nagpur

Sadatan inaugurates Iraya’s new factory in Nagpur
Sets up state of the art facility in Nagpur

Iraya; a leading Indian brand in natural beauty & wellness Industry, today had a grand inauguration of their new factory in the presence of esteemed guest Shri.Nitin Gadkari (National President BJP), Mr. Vilas Kale, Mr. Rahul Kale ( Founder Iraya), and Ms. Neepa Chatterjee (Co-founder Iraya). Located at the edge of Gorewada Biopark & forest, and spread over 5 acres, the new set up offers the best of technology & systems of product development with a production capacity of 3lac kg/ltr PLM per year. The setup includes an organic herb garden, traditional Ayurveda bhattis, modern cosmetic manufacturing systems and a state of the art laboratory for Total Quality Management.
Iraya manufactures a range of over 250 beauty and wellness formulations that are inspired from classical Ayurveda formulae, and reinterpreted to appeal to the aesthetic sensibilities of the modern day consumers. The new factory symbolizes this synergy of the traditional with the modern.
The unit has complete infrastructure facilities such as Water treatment facilities, Air-handling-units with built-in cooling system and environmentally friendly Effluent treatment plant and Solar powered systems. The Unit has a team of fully qualified, experienced & trained personnel to handle the Production and Testing.  Adequate space as  per  cGMP  norms has  been  provided  for  the storage  of  raw  &  packing materials, manufacturing, testing, in process controls, also measures  have  been  taken  to  assure  the  quality  of  the  products, proper sanitation and maintenance of  equipments.  
“We are proud to announce our new set up in Nagpur, our aim is to set new standards for the Manufacture of Natural Cosmetics, for our existing and prospective customers across the globe. Since R&D is a strong focus area for us, we have created a line of over 250 products, and through laboratory and clinical trials, we know the efficacy and benefits of our products; potent herbs, powerful formulations, pure essential oils distilled at the source itself, cold-pressed oils, extract from fresh organic fruits, herbs and vegetables, each product has been made with the utmost care. Presently, our products are available at over 85 leading Spas across the country and are exported to various countries such as Switzerland, France, The US, Russia etc.
The benefits of our products combined with the latest TQM systems in manufacture and testing, and we are hoping to find a wider global audience catering to even the most discerning natural cosmetic users”, adds Founder Rahul Kale.
Add Nitin Gadkaris Quote " We are very happy and proud that Iraya a Nagpur-born venture has reached not only the leading hotels and spas in the country, but international markets giving the local people  great  exposure growth opportunities. I wish them all success in the future”
“Our Herbal Farms cultivate a wide range of herbs through organic methods. We also procure natural ingredients through community-based harvesting projects and forests, using sustainable wild-harvesting methods. Each herb is also tested for pre-specified essential qualities before beginning the production process. ” Adds Co-Founder Neepa Chatterjee.
Mr. Vilas Kale, founder Puma Ayurvedic Herbals spoke about the journey so far, and described the transition of the company from a research oriented company into a world class manufacturer of finished cosmetic formulations.

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