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Few FAQ for Image Management

Few FAQ for Image Management

From the very first day, we started campaigning miim, the first ever image management institute of Central India, we have been receiving a good number of queries on commencement, structure, facilities and future scope of students. Though, we have spelt each and every thing at length through our releases, ads, but with a view to explain our approach, we have conducted a seminar at Indore, which was attended by more than 30 PR aspirants. The atmosphere became jubilant with presence of young enthusiasts who were keen to know much about “Image Management”.

Q1.  What is public relation?

Ans. Public relation is a media, through which one establishes relations for self and others.

Q2.  How it is used in making a career?

Ans. The main purpose of PR is to create a name for any organization. A PR specialist is competent enough to create name of a concern.

Q3.   What is image management?

Ans. From the word itself, we can understand that the act of making image of any one is termed as image management.

Q4. Can you assure that after doing course at miim, one will get a job worth Rs.10000 or more per month?

Ans. Yes.  miim is committed to sign an agreement with each student, after the registration , where in , it will be amply cleared that each one will be provided a job, ranging between 10000/- to 35000/- per month.

Q5. I have been informed that the duration of course is 11 months, whether in such a short period, one can be able to earn Rs. 10000/- per month? Whether PR has such worth?

Ans. Good question. Most of us have come across many flimsy assurances of 100% job or placements, but whether all stand to their assurances? No! Since miim has devised the system in such a way that the candidate who enters miim, will look at himself before entrance, and gauge himself after the course, that is why we have chosen our theme, “What am I before joining miim and what I am after exit”. Certainly PR has a tremendous worth that is why we have opted to execute an irrevocable agreement with each student for provision of 100% job, ranging between 10000 to 35000.

Q6. How can I obtain the prospectus?
Ans. The prospectus is available online at at 500/-

Q7. Is there any facility to pay online?
Ans. Yes.

Q8. Do I obtain the certificate or diploma once I have completed my course?
Ans. Yes, miim will provide a certificate for completion of course.

Q9. Do I need any additional study material once I have enrolled?
Ans. No, there is no necessity of additional study material, because miim has taken ample care in devising a compact as well as comprehensive study course and no one need to worry for “additional or extra material”.

Q10. What is the benefit of this education and is it for me?
Ans. PR education is in high demand at present and countless PR aspirants have emerged globally during past decade, revealing the importance of PR that is why PR education is beneficial to all young enthusiastic.

Q11. How difficult will this course be?
Ans. It is really very simple as well as difficult course for the students. Simple for those who are little familiar with PR concept and difficult for those who are establishing relation with PR now only, but miim assures all to make it easy at par.

Q12. When do the courses start?
Ans. The course is scheduled to commence from 15th Dec 2011.

Q13. Will it help me to get a good job?
Ans. Yes, certainly.

Q14. Will I receive professional help throughout the duration of course?
Ans. Yes. miim assures visits of stalwarts from various industries as guest speakers or visitors who may play a key role helping you in future.

Q15. Shall I get concession in fee?
Ans. Yes. There is provision of discount in fee but it differs from candidate to candidate.

Q16. As I am a resident of Bhopal, whether I will receive facilities like Hostels?
Ans. Yes. miim offers the following on payment facilities:
·        Serene, Peaceful, Pollution free Campus.
·        Laptop.
·        Hostel.
·        Internet connection.
·        Mess.
·        Conveyance.
·        Yoga Classes.

For further information please log on contact Atul Malikram at or you can call on 9755020247.

For more details please coordinate
Shweta Sharma

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