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Career in Public Relation

Career in Public Relation.

Public relation (PR) is not a new concept but an all time need of individual, group or association. Today PR is not only a medium of developing relations but is a career avenue for those who have excellent communication skills and who wish to pursue a career that offers an opportunity to interact lots of people.

Public relations play a very significant role in our daily lives. If used properly it can inform, educate, reassure, arouse interest or result in the acceptance of a situation. Today, public relations affect all types of organizations. Public relations are all about communication between an organization and all those with whom it has any form of contact. So, if you are creative, analytical and good with words, then a career in public relations beckons.

In the last decade, Public Relations (PR) has gained popularity and importance. The speed of communication and the bewildering change and progress in various fields has resulted in the rise of PR as a profession. PR has a key role to play in informing the public about an organization and converting ignorance into knowledge and understanding. PR analyzes the effects of organizational policies and the reactions of the public. The public is a very important part of an organization and is essential for its survival and success.
The nature of work
If you plan on entering this field, PR provides you with a wide range of work opportunities.

·        Corporations: You can work for departments who seek to protect and enhance a company’s reputation. Providing information to the public as well as to special audiences such as stockholders, financial analysts and employees would be a part of your job.
·        Non-profit organizations: Trade and environmental organizations, social and cultural groups, hospitals and health agencies also offer jobs to PR professionals. The job often involves fund-raising.
·        Entertainment, Sports and Travel: Practitioners in these areas are often concerned with publicity for individuals and promotion of events ranging from football games to motion pictures.
·        Government and the military: This area includes promotion of political issues, sometimes through lobbying, work with politicians, dissemination of information about government activities to citizens, and distribution of information about the armed forces.
·        Education: At the college level, you would primarily work with alumni, faculty and administration, students, and the public to promote the school’s image, recruit students and raise fund. Secondary schools often have specialists to handle community relations.

Over the years, the status of PR professionals has changed and evolved. To keep pace with changes, businesses and journalists have begun to rely on PR professionals. Hence, depending on your qualification and experience, you can expect to be paid well. Eventually you can expect to be paid a salary between Rs.10000-Rs35000, depending on you individual performance.

The institutions of PR course
Although a good number of PR institutions are providing their services, across the country to students, in their own ways, but miim  (Malikram Institute of Image Management) provides an unique and quite different course structure and facilities, which differ from others because, we provide:
         Serene, peaceful, pollution free campus.
         Internet Connection.
         Yoga Classes.
         Extended campus hours for maximum interaction between teachers and students.

miim is going to start on 1st December 2011 at Indore, which is the first Image management institute of M.P. The registration will be online and will be open between 15th to 22nd November 2011. The desirous candidates may contact us on 9755020247 or log on to

For more information contact
Shweta Sharma

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