Monday, November 14, 2011

BIG MAGIC launches BULBULAY, a rib-tickling family entertainer

BIG MAGIC launches BULBULAY, a rib-tickling family entertainer
Starting November 14th Monday-Friday at 8.30 pm

November, 2011: Comedy seems to resonate very well with the viewers. Even in the Hindi Heartland and BIG MAGIC is taking comedy to new heights. The channel introduced a series of new shows just a couple of weeks ago and the overwhelming response to the comedy shows like Nadaniyaan only goes to prove that comedy is a genre that works for audiences across all groups. “It is always fun to think of new ways to shock you…” said a popular comedian. Agreeing with the simple thought, BIG MAGIC brings yet another comedy to its viewers called BULBULAY, starting November 14th, Monday-Friday, at 8.30 pm.
Bulbulay is a story of four lunatic characters who come together under different circumstances, to live under one roof, and they create chaos through weird situations. Their extremely funny conversations, when combined with the comic timing, promises to make audiences laugh like never before.
The show revolves around 4 characters:
Nabeel: A man with a lazy way to success…A lazy and laid back man who does not try to get a job and depends on his father in-law to send him money.
Mumtaz: The absent-minded lady drawing attention…Nabeel's mother known as Momo. A clueless lady who often forgets things even the names of her husband, son and daughter-in-law.
Khoobsurat: When nagging gets out of control…Nabeel's wife. She is the only sensible character but also gets greedy at times. Often nags her husband to seek a job and ends up fighting with Momo.
Mehmood: The youthful step-dad…Nabeel's step-father. He retired from his old job many years ago and now lives a carefree life at home.
The script, in each episode, is witty, full of puns, and wordplay which makes it a welcome change from comedy shows seen earlier.
Together with a bunch of talented actors and a crisp script, BULBULAY is a light-heated, hilarious and refreshing Comedy series that will appeal to the entire family from Monday-Friday, at 8.30 pm. So stay tuned to BIG MAGIC for the laugh riot that will keep your spirits high.

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Atul Malikram

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