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Mathura’s young Meera Bai, a budding Bhojpuri singer, a Kishoreda in making…BIG Bal Kalakaar’s Top 10 in Chakravuyh Rounds

Mathura’s young Meera Bai, a budding Bhojpuri singer, a Kishoreda in making…BIG Bal Kalakaar’s Top 10 in Chakravuyh Rounds  
~Friday -Saturday at 8.00 pm on BIG MAGIC~
Lucknow, The first ever soul stirring Devotional Singing Reality TV, BIG Bal Kalakaar, a platform to acknowledge the singing prowess  of  young talented bal kalakaars from the heartland, MP, UP, Bihar & Jharkhand, kick starts its this week’s episodes on air with the cluster auditions called Chakravuyh Rounds on BIG MAGIC.
The Chakravuyh Rounds this week will consist of participants from  Lucknow, Agra, Mathura& Gwalior(on Friday January 20th)and the next would be from Patna, Gorakhpur, Ranchi(Saturday, January 21st).The judges for these rounds are  Gulshan Bharathi along with local judge from Patna, Rakesh Srivastava and Poonam in Gorakhpur and Ranchi.
The first ever soul stirring Devotional Singing Reality TV show, for children, with the esteemed jury members consisting of popular music director Jatin Pandit, who is responsible for gifting the industry with some of the brightest talent and Padma Bhushan Classical singer duo Rajan-Sajan Mishra, with their rich singing talent that imbibes culture and traditions—together will search for the precious gems from the region. Pandit Gulshan Bharti is the mentor for the budding children.
The talent that the region gave BIG Bal Kalakaar is unbelievable—from a modern Meerabhai to a young singer at the mosque to son of a laborer to a weightlifter’s son…they came from all strata of the society. We present some of the highlights coming up this weekend:
Mathura’s Modern Meerabhai - The lanes of Mathura rings with the childish rendering in praise of Lord Krishna! In this modern age is born young Meera, yet again! People of Mathura & her family believe she is the incarnation of Meera, the young Rajput princess, who was a poet-singer and became Meera Bai, the great Bhakta of Giridhara Gopala.
Mathura’s modern Meera is from a middle class family. Like Meera Bai, she too is enamored with the idol of Lord Krishna. Even as a child she was fascinated with statue of Lord Krishna, which she carries with her, and not dolls like girls her age. Our modern Meera too sings…Mujhe apne hi aang mein rangle shyam…jhula jhulo re radha rani… it’s her unusual affinity to the Lord   that has convinced her family and the people to believe that this young Bhakt is the incarnation of Meera Bai! 
Maa tu kithni achi hai… Rakesh Kumar hails from Agra sings for his mother who works as domestic help in a nearby industrial gala. Every day is a painful day for Rakesh who hates to see his mother work among garbage! But if his mother does not work they will be deprived of even one meal! With dreams for his mother and a good future for himself, this youngster dedicates a song for his mother--Maa, ka dil jaise duniya mein koi dil nahin…! Will Rakesh’s dream for his mother be fulfilled?
Magical voice - Mishkat Hussain, the young lad from Lucknow has a great voice. Son of a champion [UP] in weight lifter young Mishkat dreams to bring laurels to his region and country by singing. His pure &melodious voice had the judges enthralled and engulfed through the rounds.
Budding Bhojpuri singer - With Bhojpuri music gaining popularity here’s young talent Manish Tiwari, from Varanasi, dreaming of becoming a renowned Bhojpuri singer. Though young Manish does not speak Bhojpuri fluently, he holds the audience captive when he sings!

Singing for a laugh - There’s never been anyone like the talented late Kishore Kumar, who not only had a melodious voice but could entertain his fans with his great sense of humor and capability to make people laugh. In today’s modern India, far away in the heart land of Hindustan is the intelligent & talented little boy, Sarthak, who is forever asking riddles and entertaining everyone including the judges. This funny young lad knows to get the best of both worlds—laugh & the world laughs with you; sing and everyone claps for you!
Will these young children prove their Sangeet Mein Sanskaar and make it to the top at the BIG Bal Kalakaar?
Presented exclusively by BIG MAGIC, stay tuned to the show BIG Bal Kalakaar, every Friday & Saturday at 8.00 pm

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