Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TIMES NOW presents the Amazing Indians

TIMES NOW presents the Amazing Indians
With the launch of a brand new show Amazing Indians – India on the Rise, TIMES NOW celebrates true grit and determination of Indians who have re-written the rules and set a new benchmark. Featuring various unsung champions from across the nation, Times Now brings to light their unique achievements showcasing their perseverance of working towards a better India.

The show features multiple categories that highlight the channel’s differentiated programming by presenting a series of individual journeys encapsulating the struggle and achievements. TIMES NOW captivates audiences with this unique 20 week-long series that features inspiring stories and will culminate into awarding some of these worthy champions. 

On the upcoming episode, TIMES NOW honours three individuals and presents the untold tales of true grit and determination through categories – The Grassroot Soldiers; The Unstoppable Indian and Global Indians.
The category - Grassroot Soldiers features Kishore Tiwari, a man who has been relentlessly advocating the plight of debt ridden farmers in and around Vidarbha. Kishore has been championing various causes related to farming, right from cultivation, to crop failure, to fighting for fair value for the produce. He continues to be a strong support and a pillar of strength for the farmers.

Amongst the Unstoppable Indians, Kamlesh Patel has been an inspiration for many by overcoming physical deformity and facing all odds with a positive attitude. Braving paralysis from a very young age, Kamlesh pursued dancing passionately without the use of his legs. He has performed at over 1200 dance shows in India and abroad and has won laurels at multiple award ceremonies.

The Global Indians category showcases Rikkin Gandhi as one of the NRIs whose heart still beats for India. Aspiring to become an Astronaut, this graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology realised he could do much more by improving the economic wellbeing of the Indian farmers. By setting up NGO Digital Green, Rikkin helps farmers adopt better farming practices. Having covered some 500 villages in India and with a target of 1200 more in two years, Digital Green is going global as Rikin starts work in Ethiopia and Uganda in the coming months.

Watch these untold stories unfold on TIMES NOW
Saturday, 1st October at 3:30 pm & 7:30 pm
Sunday, 2nd October at 9:30 am & 5:30 pm

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