Friday, September 16, 2011

Priyanka’s fan abuses Anurag Basu on UTV STARS’ Live My Life

Priyanka’s fan abuses Anurag Basu on UTV STARS’ Live My Life 

Don’t get your imagination running wild just yet! Tripti did only what she was told to. You heard that right. Anurag Basu himself made her catch him by his collar and abuse him similar to what he made Priyanka Chopra do at the script narration of ‘Barfee’!
24 year old Gurgaon based, Trupti Bansal was overwhelmed to be given the opportunity to live Priyanka Chopra’s life for 1 whole day. Little did PC aka Priyanka know that here was a fan that was already privy to trivia about the Bareilly lass!
The unassuming damsel was welcomed by a troupe of male dancers, jiving to ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ at the lobby of a 5 star hotel. That’s not it! They even pulled down their pants a la Ranbir style from the same film! The grand welcome was followed by yet another surprise – a presidential suite with lots of junk food (PC is a junk food Junkie). And taking cue from Priyanka’s reel life, Trupti was made to perform some action packed stunts! The only difference being that Trupti managed to sprain her ankle while at it! The doctor advised her complete rest. However, the sporting lass decided to wear a brave face and carry on with the routine that PC had planned with so much love. Having experienced so many facets of Priyanka’s persona, how could she have missed the ‘Diva’ in her? The ‘Diva’ in Trupti was brought out through a photo session with the very renowned photographer, Jatin Kampani and then a surprise visit by the ‘Diva’ herself with gifts that boast of Ferragamo Shoes, fancy mobile phones and more!
Priyanka Chopra pays a surprise visit to her biggest fan yet! Tune into Live My Live this Sunday, 18th Septemberat 7 pm only on UTV STARS!

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