Friday, September 16, 2011

In conversation with young host, Aaliyah Khan who talks about her work and experiences.

In conversation with young host, Aaliyah Khan who talks about her work and experiences. After creating waves with Beg Borrow Steal, Aaliyah Khan is all pepped up to host the second season on Date Trap.

How will Date Trap be different this time?
Date Trap is a show where a friend arranges the worst date for his friend and plats all kinds of pranks on him. Since people have got familiar with the concept, we have changed the trapping system. But what remains same is the fun element.
How is Beg Borrow Steal different from Date Trap?
Beg Borrow Steal is very close to my heart. It is a travel show and I love travelling. Date trap is different. The experiences at Beg Borrow Steal are real and love. Both the shows don’t have a script to be followed.
What are the other shows that you are doing?
I am hosting Bindass Buddies which is a show for and about the college freshers. We tell them the mantras of college life, cheap shopping places ear their college, bunking tips and the hangout places. The other is Aloo Chat where we meet the actors and directors of a film which is about to release.
Why have you only been associated with UTV Bindass?
Meri shaadi ho gayi hai Bindass se. Actually, I am in a contract with the channel. Also, I love working with them. We are all like- minded people and it is always easy to work with people at the same.
How did anchoring happen?
During and after college I worked with some event companies and used to anchor live. At one such event a Bindass executive saw me asked me to audition and rest as they say is history.
Don’t you want to enter acting?
I am a bad actor. But I can talk a lot that is the reason I decided to take a job where my talking skills are utilized.
How do u manage your work and personal life?
I do not plan my day. I take every day as it comes and enjoy it to the fullest.

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