Friday, October 28, 2011

Ragini MMS faces the censor’s scissors!

Ragini MMS faces the censor’s scissors!

Just as Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS was about to be premiered on television, it has got into trouble with the censors.

Any film that needs to be telecast on television should have an U/A certificate. As Ragini MMS as released in the theatres with an A certificate for Adult viewing only, the film needed to be censored again for television.

The censors are objecting to certain scenes. However, as these scenes are integral to the film, the producers are fighting against these cuts which would affect the basic flow of the film. In fact, it has been learnt that Ekta Kapoor is personally fronting the issue with the censors. Recently, two films almost in a similar genre, Haunted and Murder 2 were given U/A, and also premiered on television.

Sources indicate that there is immense interest from the advertisers for advertising during the film, given its superhit status and the huge buzz that was present during the theatrical release, and therein the need to get the film censored early.

Readers will remember the many controversies during the theatrical release including a threat of legal action from 22 year old Delhi girl Deepika, the supposed real inspiration behind the story, and strong opposition from certain segments of the public. Despite these controversies the film, a paranormal supernatural thriller, went on to become a superhit at the box-office.

With this new round of controversy erupting, Ragini MMS once again promises to be a superhit on television, that is, if the censors permit!

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