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Senior citizen’s day care centres get health tips from experts

Senior citizen’s day care centres get health tips from experts
DR. Kaushik, the eminent Nature therapist and Mrs. Manju Dubey, famous skin care solution provider visited senior citizens day care centres of Indore
Indore: 4th February 2012: Senior citizen’s Day Care Centres at 148 B Mahadev Totla Nagar, Ring road, Indore and 137 Sarvasampanna Nagar, Kanadia road, near Columbia Convent School were visited by two eminent figures of medicine Science. Dr. Kaushik talked to senior citizens at Mahadev Totla Nagar and Mrs. Dubey discussed on problems of skin ailments at Sarvasampanna Nagar.
These visits were organized by being responsible, a leading social group of Indore. The group has recently launched two Senior citizen’s Day Care Centres, where senior citizens of east Indore are showcasing their talents, and also learning those things which could not be learnt by them till now for any reason. Both the centres remain open for our respected senior citizens from 3 to 5 p.m. daily. The centre provides them a healthy infrastructure, comprising of ample space, computers, internets, library, games and more also.
Senior citizen’s Day Care Centres, on every Saturday invite eminent figures of different areas, who not only share their  views on their subjects with senior citizens, but also gain some thing from the rich experienced senior citizens. Dr. Kaushik was very happy to talk to such seniors. “When I started my speech, I saw that each member was curious to know as to what I am going to advise them, but when I ended my talks, almost each one appreciated my health tips. I am very thankful to being responsible for arranging my visit with such great persons, who not only accepted my suggestions but also blessed me for my future career.”
Mrs. Manju Dubey expressed “ I was thrilled to know that the some  senior citizens members of the centre are also experts in the field of health care, but they kept mum during the course of my address , however, after the session, every present member thanked me for my small tips but the experts disclosed their talent during my discussion with them, in person. I enjoyed my visit at SCDCC.”
Atul Malikram, President, being responsible, after above sessions at Senior citizen’s Day Care Centres, said” Our aim of assembling the senior citizens of our city, in a healthy atmosphere seems to be very successful. The senior citizens of east Indore are not only visiting our centres at Mahadev Totla Nagar and Sarvasampanna Nagar, regularly, but taking interest in various activities of the centres. Most of them are feeling more energetic after joining The SCDCCs.”
About being responsible
being responsible, besides senior citizens Day Care Centres runs the following social activities:
·         organizing awareness campaigns for autism affected children
·         providing grocery to needy senior citizens

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