Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Public Relation all set to surprise the world with stupendous rise in PR business in 2012

Public Relation all set to surprise the world with stupendous rise in PR business in 2012
Atul Malikram, Director, PR 24x7 Network Limited confers his views on PR possibilities
Indore: Public relation now no more requires any introduction, but has become a key instrument in strengthening personnel, industrial and organizational relation. During the past two decades, PR has been successful in building brands of countless organizations, and became a successful industry for PR aspirants. If we look at the successful PR professionals of our country only, we will observe that a pretty number of  PR professionals are not only running their own business successfully, but have provided employment to many persons, thus reducing the thirst of unemployment of our country, to a great extent.
Atul Malikram, Director, PR 24x7 Network Limited, says” During my teenage, I had very limited options for employment. After doing several services, when I asked myself as to whether I am made for service only? The reply from inside was “No”, but turning to any profession or business was critical for me, as such I decided to learn PR and involved in it, deeply. After my vigorous efforts, I was successful in launching my company in the year 2006, and today, I am proud to say that I have not only choose the right path, but have also been able to provide employment to about 60 persons in my company. This clearly reveals power of PR. During last six years, we have extended our services to leaders of different sectors, including Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Banks, Financial institutions, entertainment and many more. We have not only strong team of dedicated members, but equivalent network spread over 19   states and 41 cities, and now  four glorious feathers, viz. New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Chandigarh have been added in our network crown and we are entering two prime metros of our country Mumbai and Chennai, where our offices will be started before end of current financial year”.
“ I am not selfish who believes in praising self, but am proud of other PR companies also who are also providing good services to their clients. What I mean to say is that public relation has unlimited scope. When a young boy after doing college, looks at the traditional courses for future, like, MBA, CA, etc., then why he cannot chose PR course to acquire PR skills? I will advise the young generation to choose PR for their career. I am confident that my humble advice will be taken by them in right spirit.” Added Atul Malikram.
We are sure that what PR 24x7 Network Limited opines, will be true and the country will have more and more PR specialists, who will set examples before others for choosing right path.

About PR 24x7 Network Limited.
PR 24x7 Network Limited was started in 2006 under the able leadership of Atul Malikram, who had vast experience of public relation. The company slowly but steadily increased its network and provided satisfactory services to valuable clients, resulting increase in business as well as profits. The company with its dedicated team and strong network at 476 destinations across India is providing PR, Monitoring, Digital PR, services to the clients satisfactorily.

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