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- ‘JUST DANCE’ contestants perform Raas-Lila live and exclusive at Akshay Patra in Vrindavan to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami -
After the riveting auditions and basking in the love of their fans, it was truly fitting that the multi-talented contestants of Just Dance congregated at Vrindavan, the town where Lord Krishna grew up enticing gopis to dance ecstatically to the tunes of his celestial flute.
The prodigal contestants of STAR Plus’ biggest dance reality show- ‘Maruti Suzuki presents ‘JUST DANCE’ powered by Bournvita also got a rare opportunity to bow their heads in reverence at the holy land of Vrindavan during the annual Janmashtami festival, when the whole town is consumed by celebrations.
A special visit to this divine city was a joyous and emotional experience for these exceptional dancers. From Kruti Shah and Karan Pangali, who are falling in love with the country and its cultural facets each day, to Swarali and Rajit, who have been celebrating this festival all their lives, all were equally overwhelmed by the opportunity to display their talent and gratitude at Lord Krishna’s town and inspire audiences to Sab kuch bhula kar Just dance and match steps with them at this auspicious occasion.
During Janmashtami, the entire city gets immersed in the spirit of devotion. Euphoric celebrations among the devotees are a common sight. Naturally, the contestants got caught up in this emotional fervor at this historic town where they not only presented the first copy of the second music video of the show featuring Hrithik Roshan in a brand new Avatar but also managed to seek blessings for their success on the Just Dance battleground!
The plays and Raas-Lilas had them enthralled as they got into a celebratory fervor and took this opportunity to offer their heartfelt thanks for all they have achieved in terms of fame and exposure and the love of millions.
Staying true to its promise of making Just dance into a movement with Sab Kuch Bhula kar Just Dance, Star Plus has reached out to Delhi, Kolkata and now Vrindavan to take entertainment on the ground and touch viewers thereby creating long lasting association with them.
Stay tuned to Maruti Suzuki presents Just Dance powered by Bournvita every Sat-Sun at 9 pm only on STAR Plus!
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