Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bollywood meets Hollywood at IIFA

Bollywood meets Hollywood at IIFA

This year’s Floriana IIFA Awards provided the perfect meeting point and opportunity for two major film worlds to come together. Bollywood and Hollywood crossed starry paths at the film celebrations in Toronto this year. IIFA has always played the catalyst for the expansion of business worldwide in different sectors and strengthen the international bonds, inviting stars from Hollywood as early as the very first IIFA, when Jackie Chan and Angelina Jolie attended the Awards in London at the Millennium Dome. Reinforcing the bond between Bollywood and Hollywood, IIFA played host to two major Hollywood stars and previous Oscar winners, Hilary Swank and Cuba Gooding Jr. Commenting on this year’s IIFA celebrations, Hilary Swank said, “"India and Toronto have a special place in my heart. Hollywood and Indian cinema have to bring people together. I love all kinds of cinema and from all countries. I think Bollywood films are a lot of fun and are passionate. I believe in IIFA's motto of ‘One People. One World.’”

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